Child Care Orlando

Waterford Lakes/Avalon Park, UCF  32828 

Child Care Orlando, In home Day Care for your child,

Immediate opening, infant to PVK

Family day care is for the parent who is looking for quality, hands on, individual, 
loving care in a family setting, not a center

4C trained and registered. CPR and First Aid certified

Leave your child in loving capable hands.

Located in Waterford Lakes

Excellent References!

Your child will receive the best of care at Child Care Orlando

Your child will receive lots of TLC at Child Care Orlando!

Taking your child to Child Care Orlando is like taking your child to Gramma's house.


At Child Care Orlando there is lots of reading, coloring, playing games and singing of songs. 
The children learn their colors, alphabet,  and shapes, not like in school, but in a fun way, while playing. 
Lots of reading, c
oloring, singing and playing games. Lots of smiles and laughter.
The children are happy to come here, and happy to stay here. Most start as infants and stay until they are ready to start pre-school.


The children are like a small family

25+ Years Experience

Infants Welcome!

Infants to pre-school.


Call Marie


Registration  #R07OR0678
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